Wendy Kandasamy | 范文棣

Wendy Kandasamy | 范文棣

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Wendy Kandasamy got her formal start in residential real estate in 2004 when her youngest child was entering kindergarten. Wendy had a background in information technology and computer science, and over time had cultivated a successful portfolio investing in her own properties while working in tech. When she recognized her passion for helping people find their homes and discover investment opportunities, she decided to leave the tech profession and focus on real estate full-time.
Wendy has excellent business acumen and a natural marketing savvy making real estate a perfect fit for Wendy. She has become a highly recommended, professional, and caring advisor to countless clients.
Today, Wendy serves the mid-peninsula communities, mainly from San Carlos to Sunnyvale. She’s known for being hard-working, diligent, intelligent, and a creative thinker who excels at devising and executing innovative strategies. Quick-thinking, Wendy can pivot fast when a challenge arises. She knows how to manage the business and the auction economics and negotiation that come with it in order to streamline the process and minimize stress for her clients.
Wendy is adept at using her goal-focused perspective to get alignment and assist clients in making their real estate dreams come true. Wendy is patient and considerate with clients; always happy to slow down and walk through anything that might seem intimidating or complicated.
Wendy has lived in Palo Alto for almost two decades. She enjoys hiking, dancing Zumba, traveling, and listening to the occasional audiobook. Wendy is incredibly proud of her three children and helped them achieve their full potential in all of their pursuits. She has a special needs son, so she has researched and navigated the school systems, and is always willing to share her experience if helpful.

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